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At YOUR BUSINESS NAME, we know the right treatment can make you look—and feel—like a million dollars. We are committed to only using top-of-the-line products for added luxury. Take time to pamper yourself by booking an appointment today.



An Ancient Science

 Herbal compress has been used for hundreds of years in Thailand. A pouch of herbs in muslin is heated.Pressed and rolled on the body. It is a remedy for sore aching muscles, stress reliefs, exhaustion and other ailments.

It is used to draw out properties that allow removal of inflammation. Working on the energy lines and at acupressure points.The body is balanced, relaxed after treatment.

£65 for a full one hour session.

Natural Medicine


Natural Healing

Head, face and neck store a great deal of anxiety and tension. As does the upper back, shoulders and arms.
Release a tension headache and find energy balancing of peace and tranquillity with this massage. 
This massage is done fully clothed. It is also done in a chair.
£55 for 45 minutes



An Ancient Science

Relax for a full hour and let the crystal balance your Chakras, energize and remove blockages and tension from your body.
This treatment is done fully clothed-afterwards you will feel wonderful, relaxed and a little sleepy but this will soon pass.
£55 for a wonderful 1 hour session



Natural Healing

Depending on your skin type the facial will be suited to your individual skin needs.

From cleansing, steam, exfoliation,face mask, toning and moisturising.

£55 for 1 hour

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


Balance Your Chi

Relaxes muscles, increases blood flow to areas being worked, accelerates  healing, increases circulation, good for stress and tension, insomnia.
£70 for 1 hour 30 minutes

Natural Herbs


An Ancient Science

Special herb/lint candles with lymphatic draining for the ears.
Massage of the face and neck.
Beneficial for sinus problems, excessive wax, migraines and headaches, relaxation and more.
It is usually necessary to have three treatments about a week apart for full benefit.
£65 for 1 hour

Underwater Dive


Natural Healing

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in each clients body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. As a certified Holistic Therapist, I help clients reduce their stress and anxiety, among other ailments.

£55 for 1 hour

Natural Medicine


balance, energize, relax

All massage is beneficial to your health.

I offer a variety of massage.

Calm-deep relaxing with acupressure points, on hands and feet with aromatherapy oils.

Flight Reviver

Massage with aromatherapy oils to help balance your body after air travel. Chose two areas - head & shoulders,

Back & legs, Shoulders & legs.

Energizing full body/scalp massage

de-stress and clear the mind.

£65 for 1 hour

Herbal Remedies


full body, face and scalp

A very gentle but effective massage to balance and  promote relaxation, well- being. Depending on the selection of aromatherapy oils will depend on the outcome of the massage. You might want to be revitalized, de-stressed, emotionally balanced.
£70 for 1 hour 30 minutes

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